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Etienne Israel Palos

Welcome to my page! Here you will find information regarding my education and research!

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Undergraduate at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México , B.S. in Nanotechnology

Currently an undergraduate student (senior) at Centro de Nanociencias y Nanotecnología (CNyN), UNAM, in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. My major is in Nanotechnology with emphasis in Nanostructure Physics.

Computational Materials Physics at UNAM

I am a member of the Materials Modeling Virtual Lab at CNyN, under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan Guerrero Sánchez (my mentor) and lab head, Dr. Noboru Takeuhi Tan. My current projects focus on (a) data-driven discovery of new Transition Metal Chalcogenide semiconductors and thermoelectric materials (woo-hoo!) and (b) new ferromagnetic 2D materials for spintronics (MAGNETIC 2D MATERIALS!) My main tools include databases (e.g.The Materials Project) for structure exploration and Quantum ESPRESSO (PWscf) for Density Functional Theory (DFT) as well as VASP. I am also a bit into the (as far as I have seen) unexploited field of alkali-metal - transition metal - chalcogenides. Much to be done!

In the past (2017-2018), I have worked with professors Dr. Donald H. Galván and Dr. Armando Reyes Serrato, describing the electronic structure of a predicted ternary compound, rhenium carbonitride (ReCN). Our work resulted in a publication (see below).

Research outside UNAM

In 2018, I spent two months in the Yuen-Zhou Theoretical Chemistry group at ‘UCSD’, where I worked on the development of a phenomenological (theoretical) model to describe polaritons in metasurfaces. My activities involved mathematical derivation and numerical programming. This experience taught me that I still need to learn a lot of physics and mathematics, and that computational modeling is a life-saving resource!

In 2017, I spent my summer at the Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry at ‘UCSD’ in the Sailor lab, under Michael J. Sailor. I was a participant of the 2017 Summer School for Silicon Nanotechnology. My project was focused on the computational design of waveguides for the elctrochemical preparation of p-Si (porous Silicon) photonic crystals.

In 2016, I worked in an Electrochemistry lab at the Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnoloógico en Electroquímica (CIDETEQ) where I worked on the electrochemical synthesis of chitosan nanoparticles for drug delivery. Not very related to what I do now, huh?


  1. Etienne I Palos et al 2018, Electronic structure calculations for rhenium carbonitride: an extended Hückel tight-binding study, Phys. Scr. 93 115801.

  2. Etienne I Palos et al 2019 In prep (preprint coming soon!) _New transition metal chalcogenide Na2MoSe4 is predicted to be a direct bandgap semiconductor suitable for optoelectronics THEORETICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL STUDY (Presented work at ACS San Diego!)

Computational Condensed Matter Club (CCMC)

The CCMC is a community (i.e. a club) of academics and students alike in the forefront of research in materials physics and chemistry. Our mission is to promote research and education in all fields surrounding materials sciecne, with an emphasis on theory and computation. Follow us at @CompCondMat for updates!


E-mail: g5_palo16@cnyn.unam.mx

Twitter: @EtiennePalos